The new world will this answer

The northern hemisphere of the Gaia planet Earth is currently in the state of deading for three days after the winter solstice on December 22.
It is all life living in the northern hemisphere of the Gaia planet Earth, the human world, especially Western Christianity. People who worship the X-mas celebrate the 25th of December as a national holiday.
However, it is the UK that is not happy this winter.
On the other hand, CCP-controlled neighbors are running out of coal due to the effects of the economic war against Australia, and in the middle of winter, the people are trembling because they cannot heat up, but CCP has decided not to look.
In addition, it will be defeated in the economic and cyber warfare with the United States, and the domestic power shortage will overlap, so it is inevitable that it will cause great turmoil in the future.
It is inevitable that Japan will be in a recession due to the overlap of the c-19 wreck and the struggle within the administration, and the world will change from the Great Depression to the Great Depression according to the DS scenario.
Naoya Fujiwara offers a wonderful answer as a solution.


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